Training videos made simple

Everyone should have the ability to create training videos within the organisation. We think it should be just as available as PowerPoint.
With Faye you can create engaging training videos in minutes with our professionally designed templates. If you need more professional features and access to designing your own videos you can do that too.

faye business video maker

Create training videos in minutes with templates

Our professionally designed video templates does all the work for your. They contain the storyboard, the manuscript, the styling, branding and editing needed for your videos to engaging and educational.
You don’t even have to know how to make a video, the app and the templates does that for you.

Add voiceovers or subtitles automatically

Automatic Subtitles

Subtitles let’s your videos reach your audience even if they don’t have the sound on. Lot’s of videos in social media and on the web are consumed without sound. Help your viewers go get your message by adding automatic subtitles transcribed directly from what’s beeing said in your video.


For instruction and education videos, voiceovers are a necessity. Add voiceovers to walk your viewers through your story and to make your message even clearer. Voiceovers are recorded directly from what ever microphone you have available on your computer. Adding professional voiceovers is done in a few minutes.

Record yourself, your screen or others swiftly


Your can record your screen to make quick and bautiful onscreen tutorials. Guide your employees, customers and partners through your products and systems with your screen recordings. 


Record yourself with your webcam to add yourself to a presentation video, tutorial video or onboarding video for employees or customers. It’s done quickly right in the app and your recrding is available immediately.


Grab your mobile phone and record your colleagues, yourself or your surroundings. Just upload your recording and add it to a template our your custom design in the Pro Editor.

Create your own designs with Pro Editor

If you want to create your own custom video designs you can do that with our Pro Editor. Add video, images, sound, text and graphics as you like and create advanced video edits to perfectly match your brand and style. 

Collaborate with colleagues in video projects

Invite colleagues to work together with you on videos in template mode or in the Pro Editor. Together you become a professional video creation team that instantly shares your updates online so everyone can see. Making videos together is easy and fun.

Publish and share videos quickly

Share videos in a flash

A ready video is playable immediately online on it’s very own player page. Share the page-link with the world or download the ready video in the format you need to publish it on your favourite online platform.

Publish automatically with channels

Create video channels where you gather videos that belong together. You can make internal education channels, news channels, tutorial channels or why not show of the spring collection in a channel. All channels can be integrated to your communicatio services (like Microsoft Teams and Slack) automatically.

Manage your organisation

Faye was built with enterprise size companies in mind. Manage your users, groups, publishing and access rights across your entire organisation from your admin accounts to make sure that your videos are secure and stay that way.

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