Create training videos in minutes, no skills needed

Stop wasting time on 1on1 and document based trainings of your staff, partners and resellers. Create a training video in minutes and it will do the job for you during a life time. 

Making educational videos with Faye is easy



Start with a template and then grab your phone and follow the instructions to record the clips needed.


Add your clips where the editor guides you to and export the finished movie. Visuals are added automatically.



One click playing, downloading and publishing of your movie to the platforms you like.

“We use personalized content throughout the entire customer journey. Dynamic content converts much better than static and better meets our customers demands for a customized experience. It’s important for us to quickly create video content and Faye has help us doing that.”

Johan Lidenmark
Chief Digital Officer, Intersport

Get four times more impact with video

4 out 5 prefer to watch a video instead of reading a text online. The same goes for your internal communication and training. Most visitors to you LMS just click through the content without learning what you want to teach them. It’s your job to keep them interested and engaged, so it’s you job to provide the training in a format they want to interact with. 
We can help you get an 80% engagement externally and internally with smart video making.

Brands that already get better impact with video

“Faye has given us the opportunity to create video in a simple way for our Breakfast Club and for our destinations. In that way we can create video material quicker and at a lower cost than before.”

Annika Lakmarker
CEO, Destination Sigtuna

Video training is for all departments

Video isn’t just for marketing. Departments like Customer Service, Sales, Operations and Human Resources can all improve performance by using video trainings instead of textbased or 1on1 training sessions.