Our story

In 2016, a company named Cloudreel was born with a vision of helping businesses create human-to-human videos for communication. Christian Bagge founded the company after a long career in the video production industry with clients such as H&M, CapGemini, Ikea and many others. He’d realized that while many businesses have the knowledge on how to communicate, they often lack resources to turn these messages into video content.

During his years in the production industry and having spent a lot of time helping businesses improve their internal communication and work culture, Christian had seen the impact of using real people to convey a message and the effect it would often have in terms of increased trust and authenticity.


In 2020, the company changed name to Faye, but the platform and the vision has remained the same. Faye offers an opportunity for companies of all sizes and a variety of industries to bridge the gap of not having the know-how or tools to create and scale human-centered video content inhouse. The platform offers a smart workflow, which allows clients, employees and other stakeholders to easily collaborate and record video material featuring reviews and testimonials from real people.

The company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to help businesses increase brand trust through human-to-human video content. We empower brand heroes – employees, clients and other stakeholders – to be part of the content creation and help businesses convey a message featuring real people in an easy-to-use platform, bridging the gap between resources, knowledge and creation.

We believe that brands should focus on what they do best. Faye gives you the tool you need to spend less time learning about video production and more time driving brand impact.

Our heart lies in human-to-human communication and the belief that modern brands are built through their people. With Faye, companies can effectively and leverage video reviews and testimonials to increase loyalty, trust and engagement in all channels.


Christian Bagge

Klara Gripe
Content Producer

Fredrik Jonsson
UX Lead

Christoffer Shokofan